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A Weekend of Work With World Challenge!

Date published: Wed 12 Sep 2018   Author: D.Tyler   Category: Academic   Share: Share on facebookShare on TwitterShare on MySpaceShare by Email

6:30am came around quickly on the first Saturday of the school year. 10 students and two staff set off in the school mini bus ready to face their first challenge ahead of Morocco.

They boarded the bus and set off on their 3 hour journey to Dartmoor with little knowledge of what was to come, but a positive outlook on the task ahead.

The team worked on all the elements required to ensure they would be safe, effective, unified and comfortable whilst in Morocco. Discussions on the community work students would complete showed passion and enthusiasm to help others improve their lives moving forward. In-country scenarios helped everyone to understand the challenges they would face and some of the cultural differences they would need to understand and appreciate.

The weather was mixed but pleasant on Sunday for the second of two training treks. All students ably demonstrated their athletic abilities, team work, compassion and humour throughout both rain or shine.

One of the highlights of their trip was meeting their expedition leader, Ali Hollington, an experienced woman with a great deal to offer students given her numerous experiences with world challenge groups, in particular her own experiences of travelling (she has conquered Morocco previously) and her passion for adventure. 

Making their way back east to Reading on Sunday evening was a mix of emotions. It brought an excitement of getting one step closer to the goal of getting to Morocco. It got them thinking more of fundraising and how they could further benefit the community they were due to help when they got there. It also left them with sore muscles and a reminder that they will be challenged physically along the way. Most of all, they had an appreciation for each other and a better understanding of the team they would be working with, and what a team it is!

Thank you to all students for representing the school so fantastically and showing the professionals what they are made of. Thank you also to Mrs O'Higgins for giving her time to support the students and imparting her wealth of knowledge and experience to us all.

If you are reading this then please do keep your eyes peeled for details of fundraising events and how you can support our students to improve the lives of Moroccan students through our community project in Summer 2019!


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