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Feel Good Friday 8th May 2020

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Dear Parents and Carers,

Happy VE Day, it is interesting how 75 years ago people were celebrating their new normal and this weekend we await news of what ours could potentially look like… I said on Monday, I am hoping for some clear candour from the Prime Minister on Sunday  so we can at least start to plan our way forward.  

The Local Authority have sent this message through, ‘Despite national lockdown restrictions, the nation is still set to honour the service and sacrifice of those who fought for their country, this will of course be from home and online. Households are being encouraged to plan their own #VEDay75stayathome party to commemorate the occasion and this could be a wonderful opportunity for your community of families to get creative at home and celebrate. Some activity ideas include making decorations and cooking/baking – this website  has some great ideas to keep the whole family entertained (you can even download and print your very own ration books here). Alternatively, you can access the Government’s dedicated website here, which includes ideas along with a link to an English Heritage pack to help you put together your #VEDay75 celebrations.’

I hope you have had a good week. Thank you to those of you that have responded to the surveys, much appreciated. We will feedback on those next week.

As always I appreciate your on going support with home learning. I’m not sure how it has been for you this week but my own children have found it particularly difficult, in fact for two days we had to completely abandon the work and just play board games and go on a bike ride! We are all having a different experience of home schooling, different challenges, some students are thriving, some are just finding the lack of peer interaction or the fact that all their learning is listed in front of them just overwhelming. I have had to seriously manage down my own expectations of my own children and that of myself over the past few weeks. If they end up on their tablet for longer than normal so I can get some work done or it keeps the peace, then so be it. We have to be realistic about what we can achieve each day. As a school we will work hard on catching your child up when they return. Please do not stress. As I have said before, as parents we are doing an extraordinary job in extraordinary times and we must notice and celebrate the ‘mini wins’ whatever they may be.

Bulmershe continues to support the community….the wonderful Mr Hulley continues to make the headband components for the visors for the NHS, he is roughly making 200 a day. The project we are supporting with Safer Vision at Leighton Park has now distributed 24460 shields, 50000+ visors.  That is an average of almost 700 distributed per day since the project began 5 weeks ago. Well done to all the colleagues at Leighton Park, Safer Vision and Mr Hulley, a fantastic job!

Also this week Mr Hulley (the contact provided by Mr McArdle) delivered food from Cucina and our Chef Kacper,  to the rather stunned NHS staff at RBH. They thanked the school for thinking of them. See the attached photos.

I think I will need to nominate Mr Hulley for a Bulmershe Knighthood!

Virtual Hot Chocolate Fridays (remember to send your nominations to This week's nominations follow at the bottom of the page. There were so many, for a huge variety of reasons, well done all, great work!

Please see this course from the University of Reading on Low Mood. This was found by Miss Reilly, one of our English teachers. Thank you Miss Reilly!

Below are our mindfulness activities from Dr Jigounova as well as her questions and answers from the mental health forum she held on Friday with some parents.

Have a relaxing long weekend.

Take care

Amanda Woodfin


As the seventh week of the lockdown comes to an end, many of us start to feel the effect of loneliness. 

This is probably one of the most difficult things to cope during isolation - the loss of usual chats with friends, ability to rely on other people and feeling of belonging.

Below are some suggestions of how to deal with loneliness while strict social distancing is in force. Even though most of them are common sense, sometimes we need a little reminder that feeling lonely is normal at the times like this and that there are relatively easy ways to deal with this feelings.

1. Organise regular ‘virtual hangouts’  with friends - chat, play a board game together. Research shows that voice or video calls are better than texting or messaging, because it gives a better impressions of presence and the feeling that you are not alone.

2. Tell others about feeling lonely - everyone does, and admitting it makes it easier for your friends to reach out.

3. Support a charity organisations of your choice.

4. Pick up a new hobby and share ideas with friends.

5. Stay active! Exercise are a proven way to fell happier and they also reduce the feeling of loneliness.

More about dealing with loneliness during lockdown is here:

And there is also a beautiful guided meditation to deal with the feelings of loneliness:

Take care and stay well!’

Dr Jigounova

These are the notes from Q&A last Friday.

1) How to motivate children to do extra work during the lockdown?

A: Don’t push too much. If they are completing the work set by the teachers, meet the deadlines and work for at least 3 hours a day, that’s enough. But it could help to find out which subjects the child is interested in, and suggest extra independent learning. BBC Bitesize website is a treasure trove for this type of activities.

2) It is difficult to assure the same quality of learning from home. How is home schooling going to affect my child’s chances at the next stage of learning?

A: We very much appreciate that parents are doing the best they can to support children’s learning at home, and will take this into account when planning the lessons after the lockdown. The material will be covered thoroughly and carefully.

3) Some schools are introducing online tutor time. Are there plans to introduce it at the Bulmershe?

A: Not at the moment. The form tutors are asked to contact their tutees regularly by the phone call or e-mail, they can choose to complete a tutor time online if they wish to.

4) The child is worried about big tasks given to complete and very tight deadlines to complete them.

A: Please reassure them that as long as they try their best, and complete the work, they are not going to be told off for not meeting the deadline.

5) The child doesn’t have enough work to do.

A: There is plenty on Doddle for each subject. Also, please e-mail the teacher to ask questions about the work.

8th May 2020

Virtual Hot Chocolate Fridays!

Miss Gray nominates:

Year 8: Libby and Rosie. Miss Gray states, ‘These two are sending me lots of pictures of things they have been doing to keep busy during lock down for me to use in my assemblies’. Well done!

Year 8: Lexie. Miss Gray states, ‘Lexie has produced some outstanding geography work on a global issue of her choice as the extension task we have set. It will be going on display as soon as we are back in school!!’


Year 7: Anna W, Anna F, Nathan, Zahil, Marco and Max Year 8: Hayden, Isaac and Ollie Year 9: Jack & Husaif.

Mrs Hunter states that all of the these students are working really hard at home and have produced some excellent work. I am very proud of you all!


Miss Davies nominates:

All of year 7: As a year group they’ve read 92,015,305 words on Accelerated Reader  and read 2,708 books between them! Pretty impressive as it’s only the beginning of May! 


Miss George has nominated the following students,

Year 7: Oliver

“This is my chemistry work and I decided to do a cake on the inside of earth as it said we can do a model on the homework on doddle”. (Cake pictured)


Year 7: Oliver, went above and beyond to make a google quiz for his teachers to consolidate his own understanding and revise.

Year 8: Isobel and Jacob great work and communication with teachers

Email from Isobels mum:

“I wanted to let you know that Isobel has taken to home learning very well, she needs virtually no supervision and starts every morning without complaint. We have received numerous e-mails from her teachers praising her work.”. Well done Isobel!

Miss Moores nominates:

Year 7: I've had some excellent History work from Sophie. She's put a lot of effort into her work and it's presented so neatly she's clearly put a lot of care into it.

Miss Lawless  nominates students in year 7 and 8:

I would like to highlight the following students in KS3 for their excellent commitment to their reading, with lots of accelerated reader quizzes being taken and books being read - I am very proud of them!

Year 7:  Matthew, Zoe, Danae, Sarah Jane , Amelie, Skyie

Year 8: Tanmay, Poppy, Isla, Rosie , Alicia


Miss Gray has nominated: 

Year 8: Macey. Macey’s Mum has said, ‘ After a slow first few weeks and a lot of trial and error and trying to maintain some sort of routine that works, over the last few weeks Macey has shown such an enthusiasm to home learning and has really made such an effort in trying to catch up with work and submitting work on time. There are so many aspects / subjects that she struggles with but has made such an effort to try to find resources that will help her.’ Great work Macey!


Miss Norris has nominated:

Year 8:  Oliver,

‘He has been working incredibly hard at home and sticking to his timetable and has overcome a lot of barriers to get to this point. He has produced some great work for his teachers and is really persevering at the moment’.

Year 8:  Jamie and Aiysha. ‘I wanted to bring  to your attention for the amount of effort they are putting in to their English work. Jamie's work on travel writing this week was excellent. He included photos and an excellent description of Cornwall.’


Miss Moores nominated:

Year 8: Jamie.  ‘I had a superb History project sent to me from Jamie. I've attached it as I think it's so brilliant and really interesting to see how Reading coped during World War 2. It's really well researched and carefully presented and I would like to highlight Jamie's achievement and effort here!’ I have read it Jamie, well done!

Year 8: Chloe. ‘I received an excellent presentation from Chloe this morning on the home front in WW2. It had some great detail and it's presented beautifully. She had researched the topic really thoroughly and I particularly liked the slide about the local Reading hero, Trooper Potts.

I think it is definitely worth a hot chocolate recommendation. I have emailed her to let her know how great I thought her work was and given her some achievement points too.’


Miss Selas nominates:

Year 8: Jamie, ‘ for our weekly completion and submitting of his corrected French work.’


Miss Garrard nominates:

Year 8: Isobel. ‘I just wanted to nominate Isobel for virtual Friday hot chocolate next week. She has completed all geography tasks for the next couple of weeks to a great standard, and took the time to complete a personal research project on air pollution. Isobel has been proactive and hard-working throughout the home schooling period. Keep up the great work Isobel!’


Miss Hudson nominates:

Year 7 and 8: ‘Please send a huge congratulations to Jenna (8) , Ellie (8), Chelsea (7), Anya (7) and their cheerleading team, Kick Twist! Even during the lockdown, they are winning cheerleading competitions!! 

The girls participated in a virtual cheerleading competition where they had to send in a video of their routine (filmed in the gym before lockdown) for it to be scored by the panel of judges watching from their own screens! It was a very strange experience but they did brilliantly and placed 1st! ‘



Mr Whearity nominates:

Year 9: Oscar. ‘I know I mentioned Oscar yesterday, but can he get a special year 9 mention for feel good Friday.  Oscar completed a fantastic Typography home project, using real skill and technical precision.’ Well done Oscar!

Year 9: Airah, Oscar and Beth. Fantastic work in all subjects


Miss Churchill nominates:

Year 9: Chloe and Kiera for fabulous work in English.


Miss Dench nominates:

‘Please may I select Isobel (10). Her work on Turn of the Screw  is stunning! Also, Daniella  (10)

and James (10) for their English work. Their English teachers are very impressed with their work.’


Miss Potter nominates:

Year 10: Both Laiba  (10) and Tommy(10) are excelling themselves regularly in their remote learning for Spanish. The standard of Laiba’s work in particular is superlative and warrants praise.


Miss Mulvihill nominates:

Year 10: ‘For Feel Good Friday, I wanted to mention the following pupils in year 10: Neamh, Erin - Kate, Emir, and Calum, who are all working brilliantly in maths at the moment.

All four have stayed on top of the work, done everything that I have asked and sent me their work regularly for marking - and we have been studying trigonometry, which is not an easy topic at the best of times!’

Well done everyone, amazing efforts! Please keep it up, you are impressing us all!

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