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Feel Good Friday 5th June

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Dear Parents and Carers,

Good morning and I hope the first week back has worked out well. I know adjusting after a week off can be difficult for most children, my own two have struggled getting back into any kind of routine, we have had a number of tantrums throughout the week. Hopefully next week may be slightly easier!

I’d just like to thank all of you for your support with the new supplementary provision, I am unsure of exactly what the attendance will be (surveys can never be 100% accurate!)but I am sure the numbers will grow as confidence grows in our systems and procedures. From my Federation of Wokingham Headteachers meeting this week all the schools are generally in line with the number of hours they are offering per week. Some have gone for three, one hour sessions on one day per week but the students are having breaks in between, some are basing their provision purely on option subjects but the bubbles created means not all students will have the opportunity to come in, another is basing their provision purely on intervention so again, not all students will come in over the half term. For our school, I wanted all year 10 and 12 to have the opportunity to be in, I wanted them to have a specialist teacher in front of them and  I also wanted to avoid breaks at all costs because of the myriad of implications breaks create and two hours sat in one room is enough for anyone!  Later today I will send out an updated FAQ’s and next week I will take photos of how the school has changed and give all of you a little virtual tour. The Site team and teaching colleagues have been working hard changing their rooms, we have clear signage for our one way systems, antibacterial dispensers on the walls, cleaning stations in classrooms and painted lines on the tarmac by the front gate! I feel we are very well prepared and I know when you see my virtual tour you will be confident too.

Our supplementary provision will grow over the next few weeks, a number of Departments are busy putting together a programme of  pre-recorded lesson videos which they will then upload and offer students a live question and answer via google classrooms. The live question and answer session will give the students and the teacher a chance to challenge any misconceptions or areas the students found difficult. I also know that some teachers are also going to offer live lessons. If this all works well, then we will be looking to extend this into other year groups.

What I have learnt over the past few months is that there is no real right or wrong, the key is just to try to do the best for the community we serve and keep the children at the centre of everything we do. The next few weeks are uncertain times but as we are a community that works well together and supports each other,  I am confident our provision will be a success, continue to build and will support our learners and teachers with preparations for September.

Virtual Hot Chocolate Fridays! Remember, if you have any nominations please send them to

From Miss Pooler for excellent Maths work:

In Year 7:


Year 8: 



Year 9:


Year 10: 



From Miss Webb:

I would love to nominate Warwick in year 9 for the virtual hot chocolate Fridays. He has been an absolute trooper since day one. He asks me questions to make sure he is doing the work to the best of his ability, and you can just SEE the effort that goes into each piece of work, every week. I am super proud of his resilience, as he's also having to take the time to photograph his work and upload it each time, and he always does.


From Mrs Mooney:

In year 9 - Elias  who completed all work set last term and made effort to ask for higher level extension work which was also completed to a high standard.

In year 8 - All for their brilliant hard work and exceptional effort in Biology:










From Mr Hood:

Nasser in year 9- For demonstrating incredible maturity when approaching his Drama work and ensuring that he hits the deadlines and demonstrates a real attention to detail with his work. Well done and keep up the good work.

Jake in year 7. For continually working at an extremely high standard with both his Drama work and also his tutor tasks. Really well done and keep up the good work!


From the drama department and parents:

Nausika in year 12 for hard work.


From Mrs Cousins:

Abigail in year 8 has been doing additional Computing work through Microsoft Girls AI scheme and she submitted her work. She has been awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ award and has won some prizes!


From Miss Chen:

I would really like to say well done to several students in my yr10 class who have managed to overcome the current difficult situation and put in some excellent effort into their work. I'm so very proud of them!












From Chloe’s Mum in year 7:

I would like to nominate my daughter Chloe for the  virtual Hot Chocolate activity/ recognition  as she is showing exemplary responsibility and maturity in how she is dealing with planning for her homework to be done daily; she has developed her own routine and does this without needing to be asked to carry out tasks.

She is also taking steps to maintain her own;

Basic needs- not over or under eating staying healthy and aware of her own needs

Coping and problem solving for herself - how to use media to interact with peers/ teachers and social platforms

Learning - continuing to develop her art and creative skills, using YouTube and similar to get tutorials and also sharing her work on Instagram (a big step for someone so anxious usually)

Belonging - making sure that all of us including the cat! are communicating, checking in on each other and building new family memories.

Core self - realising her own abilities- this is starting to build up and increase but through her art and love of animals she is starting to realise hopes and dreams and to feel her own worth.

 She is seeing positives everywhere in this pandemic and is striving to be positive and learn in a very holistic way - my husband and I are so proud of her.


Mindfulness activities: Our surveys will be released shortly, please look out for them. They are really useful in helping us to respond and improve our service and support to the community.

A reminder of Dr Jigounova’s Q&A session between 2 and 3pm today. To join click this link:


From Dr Jigounova:

How to stay happy during turbulent times

A lot of well-being advice during the lockdown focused on the dealing with negative side-effects of unrecognisably changed life: stress, anxiety, uncertainty, depression. Thankfully, psychologists starting to pay attention to the opposite – how to find happiness during the uncertain times.

I came across an interesting interview with Dee Holmes, a Relate counsellor specialising in family, young persons’ and children’s counselling, called Lockdown wellbeing: 7 ways to stay happy and calm at home.

Even though the article is aimed at helping teenagers to stay happy and calm, there is plenty of useful advice for adults as well. And the main message is that happiness is not something that is caused by circumstances outside of our control. It is, in fact, perfectly within our reach, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

These are Dee’s 7 steps to happiness:


1.   Talk with someone you trust about how you are going to deal with difficult situations (before they happen)

2.   Keep talking to your children about what’s happening

3.   Found an outlet for your stress

4.   Stay connected with your support network (and maybe build new ones)

5.   Ration your news updates

6.   Keep up your routines

7.   Cut yourself some slack


The full text is here:



Stay safe and take care

Amanda Woodfin




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