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Feel Good Friday 26th June 2020

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Dear Parents and Carers,

What glorious weather!

We have had another really successful week with students in school, the year 10’s and 12’s have been fantastic. Please pass on our praise to them. From the many conversations I have had  over the course of the week staff have been really happy to see them and excited about getting back into the classroom.

The Heads of Year are currently working on a plan to try and get more targeted year 7,8 and 9’s into school for a session during the remaining weeks. These sessions will be delivered by the Head of Year, the Ivory team and possibly some tutors. The aim of the meeting is a wellbeing check, tour of the school, and to set some small targets to support their preparation for September.   There will be more information regarding this next week.

There is still no real confirmation of what September will look like, the Government have stated full attendance but have not confirmed what the social distancing regulations will be. So, we will have to wait and see. As I have said before, we are working on various scenarios so that we are prepared and I’ll let you know as soon as I have any confirmation.

Have a lovely weekend.

Amanda Woodfin




Bulmershe in the community…

Another message from Mr Bradbury…..’Last day of our virtual fixture with Waingels and it is the marathon challenge.  All you have to do is record the amount of steps you take throughout the day.  Most phones will do this now so no need to download anything but if students , parents and staff can submit their scores by 9pm that would be great.  You can submit their scores by clicking on the link below:’

Virtual Hot Chocolate! (remember to send your nominations to So many nominations this week, thank you!

I'd like to nominate my daughter Ivy in year 8 for her volunteer work at Foodshare :-

Foodshare is a project our church runs to redistribute supermarket waste to anyone who needs it. It's been running for a few years, but since lockdown happened, it has become a lot busier.  As soon as lockdown happened, Ivy asked to volunteer. So we've been going along 3 or 4 evenings each week since lockdown. It involves sorting the food when it's delivered, then handing it out to people. The amount and type of food varies a lot each time. Ivy is amazing - she is organised, follows instructions, and is always polite. She can also be firm when needed. I feel very proud of her. Mum.


I would like to nominate my son Edward in Year 7.

He has been immensely grown up during lockdown, and despite being hit with possibly the worst hayfever ever, he has set up his own routine, does his school work each morning without being prompted,  and it's been great seeing him be so mature and understanding in a strange time! 

It's also lovely to hear him just as normal laughing like mad online with Ira, Jon, Ross and Charlie and they have all been outstanding at keeping their friendship strong despite distance. 

And Mum is sorry she gave you possibly the worst hair cut ever meaning you had to shave it off cheers for not moaning at me!


Miss Garrard:

For my geography groups can I nominate the following students:

Year 9:

  • Aaliyah - working really hard on all geography tasks given, and producing fantastic work.
  • Sau Wen- very efficient in completing her work and doing a great job on her exam questions.
  • Adam - super notes being produced, and working really hard on exam questions.
  • Marni - Great effort on all tasks, and consistently working hard.
  • Warwick - Making improvements to his work when I give him feedback, keep it up.
  • Elias- Working really well on all geography tasks, well done.
  • Lilla- Doing a great job on the geography work.
  • Zoe - Great effort on making notes from lessons and completing exam questions
  • Keira - Great work on exam questions, and making improvements from my feedback.


Year 10:

  • Sarraj- working very well on tasks and always completing them on time.
  • Neamh - brilliant job on her exam questions, clearly working really hard.
  • Mujtaba- working really well on all tasks and exam questions.
  • Ella W- Super work on all geography tasks and exam questions.


Mrs Whitmarsh:

Yr 10 - Demelza for an incredibly insightful and original response to her drama task.

Yr 8 -Nathaniel for an ingenious set creation for his drama design work. 


Miss Chen:

Year 7: Danae, Kezia, Abidur, Sophie, Mathew, Soraya, Zoe, Rebekah, Lyna, Anoop, Alfie and Iona. Also in my other yr7 set Jake, Aahil and Olivia.

Year 8: Marco, Archie, Sam, Poppy, Alicia, Jessica, Chloe, Lexie and Ruby.


Mrs Hook:

The following year 7s have shown consistant effort and have completed all their work to a very high standard throughout lock down. I am so proud of you all. Keep up the great effort.







Mrs Cousins:

Please can I nominate Lewis (year 9) for his resilience. He is doing some great work with me editing videos.

Madison, Josh, Rosie, (yr 8) doing great work in Computer Science.

Anmol is producing some excellent skills, showing he is really engaging in the Creative iMedia home learning.

Felipe (yr 9) for his excellent work on a platform game he has designed himself. I cannot wait to play it!



Mrs Norris:

Y9 Effort in English




Y7 Effort in English






Miss Martinez:

I would like to nominate Madison (year 8) for working really hard during lockdown. She is making a great effort completing all tasks set to a good standard, even though she might not find languages easy, she keeps on trying. I am very impressed with the progress she is making!

Mrs Colnago:

May I nominate Kya and Tom in year 9- for their attitude to work on Fridays in the Care Provision.

Mr Chandler:

Year 12 Psychology – for outstanding effort throughout the lockdown so far:






Miss Davies:

Tyler in Yr10 for working really hard during lockdown and completing all work before anyone else in the class for every assignment to an excellent standard.

Kyle in Yr10 for continued hard work during lockdown.


Mrs Raoult:

I would like to nominate Millie in Year 8. Millie has been working very hard on the resources we have been sending home. She always asks for more. We are struggling to keep up! Well done Millie! You are a Star!


Miss Moran:

Year 9 Rachel and Lilia for continued excellent work in history.

Year 10 Emilia, Eimaan, Sam and Taylor for consistent and high quality participation in the history google classroom over several weeks.


Mr Whearity:

I would like to nominate Nasser in year 9for fantastic work in all areas of the curriculum. Well done Nasser!

Abigail Williams in Y7. Always completes a great standard of work. Fantastic work Abigail


Miss Selas:

Jamie and Enkara in year 8 have consistently and continuously completing their French work.

Well done both for being so responsible with your home learning!


Miss Cronin:

I would like to nominate Aaliyah in year 9, for consistently sending in outstanding work in GCSE PE. Going above and beyond what is required and always wanting to improve.


Mr Mungall and Miss Wiltshire:

For being all round awesome:

Holly and John in year 7

For commitment to their Music GCSE:

Lilla in year 9, Daniella in year 10, Ezster in year 10, James in year 10


Miss Moores:

I'd like to nominate Jamie in year 8 for his fantastic History work. He has been consistently creating amazing work which he has clearly put a lot of effort in. This week he wrote a lovely newspaper article on Sharpeville which was really well written. Well done Jamie!


Mrs Nath:

Holly, Sofia and Param in Year 7 for consistently fantastic biology work and always getting challenge tasks done.

Also Abigail, Isobel, Kristina, Erin, Felicity, Amrit, Veronica, Leilani, Elodie, James, Annabelle in Year 8 for consistently producing high quality biology work which goes above expectations.


Miss Churchill:

Nathan in year 7 - Mum is very impressed with your work ethic and excellent attitude towards all your remote learning. Well done, Nathan. You are doing a fantastic job!

Sofia in year 7 - Wonderfully positive feedback received from your subject teachers about how well you are doing. Excellent attitude to independent learning! Well done, Sofia - Mum is also very pleased with your work too!


Miss Pooler:

Year 7:



Year 8:

Emma W

Yie Qing

Year 9:


Abigail M


Josh L


Mrs Hunter:

Please can I nominate the following students. They have all continued to work really hard on their Computing Home Learning.

Year 7

Marco, Diya, Yousuf & Anna

Year 8

Mya, Marco, Isaac, Lillie - Rose, Sam, Elle, Ethan, Grace, Mia and Ruby.

Year 9

Dharuv, Dimitri, Liam, Jack, Madalina and Oliver.


Miss Gray:

Can I please nominate from my year 10 class, Millie, Lucy, Jenna, Josh and Anmol - they are all working really hard!


Mrs Dench:

Rising Year 12: Esme – stunning work already

Current Y12 – Isobel, Mia & Nausika

Year 9

Oscar– sustained exemplary work and commitment.

Airah– sometimes a little late – but always worth the wait!

Emily & Ibrahim– perseverance


Year 10 – glimpses of brilliance:









Year 7 – some excellent work and effort





For RS from Mrs Edwards:

These students have completed all work set to a good standard and on time.  They have maintained their effort throughout.


Y8:          Safia




Y7:          Padriag




In English for Mrs Edwards:

These students have completed all work set to a good standard and on time.  They have maintained their effort throughout.


Y7:          Pascal




Massive well done and keep up the good work!


Miss Webb:

Leo in year 7- His English work has seen some great improvement and some of his ideas are extremely thoughtful, mature and perceptive. Well done, Leo!


Miss O’Reilly:

Year 7 RS:

Students who are consistently completing the work each week:

Jake, Anna, Leland, Max, Yousuf, Caitlin, Libby, Ben, Ben, Safwaan, Ella, Charlie, Eliza, Abigail, Skyla, Erika, Holly, Connor, Eve, Aiden, Aniya, Sofia, Charlie, Adam, Haleema, Jessica, Lyna and Rebekah.


Year 8 RS - for working consistently hard this term:

Kunaal, Abigail, Connie, Isobel, Barnaby, Kristina, Erin, Felicity, Nathaniel, Arthur, Erin, Jemima, Veronica, Thomas, Leilani, James, Jakub, Ava, Freddie, Annabelle, Luke, Ella, Amrit, Jacob, Libby, Archie, Edward, Alicia, Elodie, Poppy, Jennifer, Ella, Nigel, Mya, Isobel, Rosie-May, Chloe and Yie Qing. 


Year 9 RS:

Keep up the good work:  Freya and Chloe


Year 10 RS:

Keep working hard: Kyle, Emily, Jacob, Hermione and Aruje.


Year 12 Criminology - for meeting deadlines and producing good work:

Zoha, Natalia, Anish, Alisha, Emily, Dirishya,  and Zena.


Mrs O’Higgins:

Marco, Samuella, and Lawrence, 

These students have demonstrating excellent resilience when faced with problems submitting work, accessing various learning platforms or materials.  They have been clear, polite and patient in their communications despite their frustrations.  Thank you.


Ryo, Kaitlyn, Poppy, Danae, Marcus, Samuella , Sam, Kyle, William, Eimaan, Danielle, Aishaani and Lucas Owen.

These students have submitted outstanding work, often repeating tasks to attain the maximum marks possible.  They have all shown an excellent attitude to their learning.  Well done.


Mindfulness activity this week from Dr Jigounova:


With schools inviting more and more students in for the past three weeks, it is important to talk about what to expect in terms of children’s behaviour and emotional reactions to the return. Even though for most children (and teachers!) this is a positive experience, it is at the same time another disruption of routine, with new emotional challenges.

Mental Health foundation suggests that ‘the sudden changes that the lockdown imposed on everyone are likely to have left many children and young people feeling uncertain about the future. For some, this will be a fear of a second lockdown, for others it will be a general sense that things that used to feel safe and predictable, such as schools, may no longer feel so”.

 So what to expect and how can we help our children to settle into yet another “new normal”?

First of all, it is important to look for particular behaviours that may show that children are struggling emotionally to adjust to new situations

  • Significant change in mood that lasts several days in a row
  •  Significant change in eating habits and sleep patterns
  •  Tiredness that lasts for more than a few days
  • Angry outbursts that seem out of character
  • Secretive behaviour that is out of character
  • Any signs of self-harming

How can adults support children though these challenges?

  • Acknowledge the you noticed the changes, initiate the conversation – it can be reassuring for the child that his emotional struggles have been noticed
  • Let them talk. Do not rush in with the advice, let children talk about their fears and worries.
  • Keep an open mind – what might seem a trivial problem for an adult, can be a significant worry for the child
  • Stay positive. While acknowledging challenges and worries is important, children usually look up to an adult as a role model in dealing with difficult emotions. Helping children to see the positives in a difficult situation is one of the best ways to support them.
  • Look to the art – creative arts often help us to express feeling we struggle to put into words or help is to feel less alone with difficult feelings. Pieces of music, visual art and drama that reflect some of the emotions that children might be feeling are the useful way to start a conversation.


Young Minds, a charity that provides mental health support for children and parents, has a blog full of useful tips on how to support children returning to school after the lockdown:

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any concerns about children’s mental health and how to best support them through the recent changes.

 Take care and stay safe!



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