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Feel Good Friday 3rd July 2020

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Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are all well. 

We have many layers of provision operating at the school each day, in conjunction with the distance learning timetable.

The Care provision continues and is expanding daily.

The year 10 and 12 sessions continue and are going really well. The students have been excellent!  Year 10 will be sent the plan for their sessions for the final of week of term, next week, Year 12 have been sent their sessions directly via Google Classrooms.

Year 7, 8 and 9 additional targeted provision is also going well.  

We are also aiming for all students to have had an opportunity to visit the site before the end of term. Today, parents of year 7, 8 and 9 (that have not had an opportunity to be in-school at all since lockdown began) will be asked to sign up for an individual wellbeing meeting. You should have received the email today. Parents will be asked to sign up using the Parents Evening App.

Year 11 going into year 12 are also going to be invited in for a transition session in small groups.  More information to follow on this.

So, the long awaited September guidance has now been received so at least we can now start planning properly.  I will let you know our plans on Monday 13th July, for both the September reopening and our initial catch up programme. This will then give you time to ask us any questions.  We are aiming for all students to be back, every day, studying all of their subjects, we are just working through the logistics.  Please start having those conversations with your children about coming back and coming back full time.

The guidance can be found here if you would like to read it: but in essence the guidance is stating:

  • that schools need to offer a broad and balanced curriculum whilst doing everything they can to minimise risk.
  • Attendance is compulsory, unless specific shielding/self-isolation guidance needs to be followed. I know that our Attendance, Heads of Year, Ivory and Tutor teams have been working with families that are concerned about this. If you are anxious, please contact the school so that we can help. 
  • Full, normal uniform can be worn from September as no extra cleaning is required.
  • Students can still use school bags.
  • Students should bring in their own stationary equipment such as pencil cases, calculators etc.. just as they would normally.
  • Students will be expected to put antibacterial gel on their hands when they enter and exit the school, beginning and end of all lessons and breaks.  For ease, I would encourage students to bring in their own gel but as a school we will also have our own.
  • PE lessons will be able to go ahead but it will be non-contact PE.
  • Where possible desks will be in rows, facing the front.
  • No assemblies are allowed.
  • No external visitors will be allowed on site without an appointment.
  • The Government are still discouraging the use of public transport unless it is really necessary. I know the Local Authority are still working on transport plans so more information will be released about those.  
  • Adherence to social distancing and personal hygiene are of paramount importance and infringements are to be taken very seriously.


We will obviously be updating our risk assessment for the September reopening and I will share that with you once it is complete.

Have a lovely weekend.

Amanda Woodfin



Virtual Hot Chocolates: (remember to send your nominations to

We'd like to nominate our daughter Emilia in year 7 for virtual hot chocolate.  In addition to school work, she has organised lots of mindfulness activities and projects that have developed her life skills over the last few months...  She almost single-handedly upcycled a table she rescued from a skip, she took up carpentry to help make her little brother a new bed, she painted garden furniture and a gate, she helped to paint her bedroom, she has cooked from recipes that she found on the internet, she has been exploring different types of abstract art, she has attended classes and a American summer school over the internet, and (possibly her favourite) she regularly walks a neighbour's dog by herself.

We're so impressed that she has taken it upon herself to explore and immerse herself in all these things. It has really helped her to relax, and it has been great to do such a range of activities together. She has loved doing them. And when things haven't quite turned out as anticipated it has been great for resilience and creative thinking to problem solve them together!

Mum and Dad


Could I please nominate:

Year 7 - Leland, Nathan, Jonas, Figun, Amelia & Lois

Year 8 - Alicia & Harrison

Mrs Hunter


Isobel, Daniella and Asma, all in year 10, deserve a mention as they have been working very hard for me all through lock down.

Mrs Coombes


Please can Mr Whearity and I give a huge well done to our brilliant year 10 drama students who engaged in our first live lesson with such enthusiasm. A particularly special thank you to Sam who was brave enough to involve himself in our virtual script reading! He is a superstar!

Mrs Whitmarsh


Please can you give a virtual hot chocolate to Jake in year 7.  He has completed all of his Google Applied Digital Skills tasks with great detail and quality.

Mr Bradbury


I would like to nominate Isobel in year 8 for a virtual hot chocolate this Friday for her splendid efforts in English over the past few weeks.

Miss Payne


I would like to nominate the following Key Stage 3 geography who have done lots of excellent work and additional research and extension activities: Danae (Year 7); Iona (Year 7); Abigail (Y7); Alfie (Y7); Haleema (Y7); Demi (Year 8); John (Year 7).

Mr Linnell


Mindfulness activities….from Dr Jigounova.

Dealing with uncertainty: Two months ago, our lives changed unrecognisably. Most people would probably agree that at first it was very difficult to cope, but then we settled in into a new routine and adjusted as best as we could. Now, however, with rules of lockdown being eased and children are going back to school, we are facing a new wave of changes, the outcomes of which are uncertain. This feeling of uncertainty can be very difficult to deal with. And because uncertainty doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, I think it is important that we talk about it and about the ways to cope.

Mental Health Foundation regularly publishes advice on how to cope with various mental health issues created by the current situation.

This is what they say about coping with uncertainty:

"It can help to focus on the things we have learned and achieved in the past few months".

 "Focus on the present – you can only do your best with what you have today. With regulations changing frequently, and lots of conflicting media discussions, try and keep a focus on the moment".

 "Bring things that are certain back into focus – whilst a lot of things are uncertain at the moment, there are also things to be hopeful about. Try to record and appreciate good things as they happen".

 "Talk to people you trust – it’s important to talk about how you feel. Don’t dismiss your concerns or judge yourself too harshly.”

 The full article is here:

 Please feel free to e-mail me with any concerns regarding mental health.

 Take care and stay well!


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