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Feel Good Friday 10th July

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Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you have had a good week.

We have had a great week in school, it has been busy with year 7,8,9 and 11 sessions and meetings, the year 10 and 12 sessions continuing, along with the Care provision. We have also been busy with year 6 parent webinars, we have completed eight this week to over 35 primary schools as part of our remote transition programme and have been well received.  

Year 11 and 13 parents – should hear shortly regarding the plans for exam results days in the summer.

Year 10 Parents – you should now have the email with the details of the sessions for your child next week. Please contact Mrs Edwards if you have any questions

The year 7,8,9 and 11 sessions or meetings continue next week. Any problems please contact your child’s Head of Year.

I will be contacting you all on Monday with our details for our September reopening. I will also give you the dates that I will contact you in August with any further updates.

Have a good weekend.


Virtual Hot Chocolate

I would like to nominate my son Jack in year 9, not only has he really cracked on with his work every day, but he has also dedicated some of his time to help out his sisters with their home schooling. He has also been a fantastic help around the house and has cooked several meals for the family and has still made time to work out and keep fit. I’m very proud of all he has achieved during this entire lockdown.

Well done son.

Love Mum.


A bumper crop of work from Yr 8.

For excellent effort with their English work: Abbie, Kristina, Felicity, Nathaniel, Arthur, Erin, Leilani, Jakub and Emma. Well done and keep up the hard work.

Ms Payne


Rosie in year 8 for her fantastic Anne Frank set design. Amazing work Rosie!

Clare in year 8 for a virtual hot chocolate for her incredible Drama themed cake (pictured).

Mr Whearity


I'd like to nominate the following year 8 students for taking up additional opportunities not because they have to but because they chose to: Benjamin, Emma, Xander, Abigail and Jamie.

Mr Mungall


Joseph in year 10 has been fantastic in lock down and done every task set since the lock down.  I have been very impressed with his attitude to learning.

Mr McArdle


From Mrs Frasinski…..If possible, please include the praise for my Year 9 students for working hard throughout the lockdown and the excellent attendance in their live lessons.

They are:

Airah, Zoe, Emilie, Elias, Abdullah, Sharmily, Rachel, Kiera, Aishaani, Oliver, Abigail, Oliver, Lilla, Emily, Nikola.


Mindfulness activities……


Power of positive thinking 

Carrying on with the theme of dealing with uncertainty, I wanted to remind you today of the power of positivity. 

It is very easy in uncertain situations to slip into the habit of expecting the worse. But contrary to the popular belief that worrying helps to prepare for stressful and unpleasant events, excessive worrying mostly leads to anxiety and stress. The antidote to this is to develop a positive outlook on the events. Research shows that positive that optimists tend to have better physical and mental heath. One reason for this is that by focusing on the good things that happen, people naturally spend less time dwelling on the bad things and ruminating about the less pleasant part of life. Everyone goes through hard times; those who tend to be optimistic often get through them more easily.

With this in mind, I would like to introduce you to a wonderful podcast from the Mental Health Foundation on wellbeing and positive thinking.

The podcast introduces positive thinking as a way to reduce anxiety and encouraging focus and goal-setting.

Take care and stay well!

Dr Jigounova





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