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Welcome to the Year 11 Information Page 2018-2019

Inspiring Potential. Achieving Together.

Welcome to the Year 11 page where you will find all tutor contact details and any other relevant information, including key dates and letters.

Year 11 is the culmination of years of work and students need to be prepared to work hard in order to achieve their desired results. Students need to strive for high levels of attendance, punctuality and effort as well as becoming independent learners. All students in Year 11 should also strive to be positive, confident, respectful to all, and always try their best. It is not always easy to achieve this on a daily basis and students must make sure that they seek support / guidance from their teachers and pastoral team if they are facing any difficulties.

Deputy Headteacher Year 11

Mr R McAlaney (Academic) 

Assistant Headteacher Year 11

Mr M Grewal (Pastoral)

Heads of Year 11

Mr D Chandler (Academic)

Mr V Browne (Pastoral) 

Tutor Team

Miss K Hudson (11H1)

Miss A Davies / Mr J Fritz (11E6)

Mr J Ogada (11M3)

Mr A Mungall/Mr A Linnell (11Mu1) ;

Mr B McArdle (11G2)

Mrs K Potter (11H2)  

Mr S Latif (11S5)

Miss N Webb (11E1)

Pastoral Team

Mr V Browne

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your child's education or welfare, please contact in the first instance the Tutor and copy in the Head of Year.

Tutor Time

Registration and tutor time begins at 8.25am and it is essential all students arrive promptly and engage in the activities held by their tutors. Tutor time prepares students for the school day and should be used judiciously. If your tutor has not given you something specific to do you should read or complete some school work. Lateness to tutor time will not be tolerated in Year 11.


It is absolutely essential that, as Year 11 students, you arrive to school each day with all the kit, books and equipment required for each lesson.  Not carrying a pen or forgetting a text book just isn’t acceptable at such a critical point in your education!  Remember to prepare your school bag each evening and ensure you have everything you need.


Year 11 students are role models for the lower school and must therefore ensure that they wear the correct uniform at all times and look smart and ready to learn.  Please refer to the school’s uniform policy on our website and remember that your tutor and the Year 11 team will be checking uniform rigorously.  Expect to be issued a detention or even sent home if you flout the uniform policy.

Check the Year 11 page regularly for revision tips and information about events and activities for students.

Revision Tips

  • Revise in 30 to 40 minute sessions, allowing a 10 minute break to give your brain a rest.
  • Reduce your lesson notes to key points that are easier to revise.
  • Make your revision timetable early! Organisation is a major part of successful revision.
  • Practice, practice, practice exam questions! You need to be able to link the theory you have learnt to what the question is asking.
  • Keep on top of deadlines - know when work is due in and schedule time to complete it.
  • Ensure you are aware of what is expected for each piece work and how marks are awarded.
  • Allow time to go over work before a deadline - get draft work to your teacher for comments and suggestions about how to improve.
  • Invest in a wall-planner (or devise one of your own). Write all coursework deadlines and exams on it.
  • Create a work space where you will be comfortable and not interrupted

There may be financial assistance available for Pupil Premium pupils for school trips and other activities but individual enquiries to the school should be made regarding this assistance.

Please contact the school office on 0118 9353353 or alternatively, who will pass on your enquiry to Mr Staton, Deputy Headteacher who manages Pupil Premium funding.

Important dates to remember:

Interviews for sixth form, Monday 11th February - Friday 14th February

Mock exams commence Monday 24th February 2019 

Public exams begin the week commencing Monday 13th May 2019

6th form taster day, Monday 1st July 2019

GCSE results day Thursday 22nd August, from 9am in the auditorium

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