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Students: Are you being bullied online?

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5 Steps to take if you are being bullied online

Tell an adult you trust.

Bullying can be hard to talk about but you shouldn’t feel that you have to handle it alone. Talk to an adult you trust. This could be your mum or dad, your aunt or a teacher. They will support you and help you to make it stop.

Tell an adult you can trust

Talk to someone your age.

Talk to a friend or if you don’t want to talk to someone you know, you can post messages and get advice on Childline's Message boards

Block the bullies.

Most websites will let you block people to stop them communicating with you. Find out how on most popular sites

Keep the evidence.

Keep any nasty emails, texts or web pages so you can show someone what’s been going on.

Report mean videos, pictures, comments or pages.

Learn how to do this on different sites here.


  • Don’t retaliate or sink to the level of the bullies.
  • Don’t feel it’s ever your fault, it isn’t. There are many reasons why people bully, but it is never your fault.
  • Don’t believe the things they are telling you, they are not your friends and do not have your best interests at heart.
  • Don’t take your feelings out on others even if the bullying is making you feel angry or frustrated.
  • Don’t be a bystander: if you see someone being bullied report it and tell them they can get help.

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