"Our world has become increasingly technologically and scientifically advanced; robots, intelligent automation, AI and R&D are developing at a rapid pace meaning STEM skills and qualifications are in demand!"


“Compared to the rest of the UK, Berkshire has a higher than average concentration of companies in life sciences and healthcare. Our area also has a younger population and labour market compared to the UK average” Alison Webster, Chief Executive, Thames Valley Berkshire LEP

With almost 30% of jobs in Berkshire being in the STEM sector, we want to ensure that every student has the opportunity to develop and thrive in STEM. As a school we adhere to the Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance and are committed to delivering benchmark 5: "Every pupil should have multiple opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace." We aim to do this through a range of STEM-related enrichment activities including visiting speakers, mentoring and enterprise schemes. (You can find out more about general Career Guidance at Bulmershe on our dedicated Careers Pages)

Most young people have a limited view of where science can lead. Young people who see science as useful for their future are over fourteen times more likely to plan to study that science at A level. STEM education is more than qualifications for 21st century work force, it is also about being a democratic citizen with the skills to thrive in a highly techno-scientific world.


STEM Activities

Extra Curricula activities are a great way to build relationships, network, along with building fantastic skills and character with no constraints of curriculum.

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The Bulmershe School STEM Strategy

STEM Strategy


Increasing engagement in STEM education is a global priority to help solve global challenges and for economic, industrial and technological development. STEM education is a high priority for The Bulmershe School where we recognise, as almost 1/3 of jobs in Berks are in STEM,  equipping our students with the correct skills for the labour force is imperative. In order to participate in some entry level work IT skills and skills in technology are vital; in order to develop a culture and love of STEM learning the school needs a thriving, stimulating and exciting STEM environment. 

Our STEM Lead Practitioner is responsible for ensuring that all students have the opportunity to take part in STEM by providing whole school / whole year group activities, securing funding and support for PP / SEND students and having a commitment to promoting girls in STEM and opportunities for low achieving boys to thrive in practical work. Using Gatsby Benchmarks the Lead Practitioner will ensure activities are related to our careers strategy, linking explicitly to jobs and arranging trips/speakers so that students hear from employers / employees and Further and Higher Education.  They will work with local business and universities to seek funding, support and phenomenal opportunities for careers development.