Mobile Phones in school

As a school we ask all students to ensure their phones are off and placed in bags, along with earphones and ear pods, during the school day.

Our Mobile Phone and electronics "See it, hear it, lose it" procedure has been in place since June 2018 and the following poster is displayed around school site to remind students:

Mobile phone poster 24

The expectations we have of students with regards to Mobile Phones in school is:

  • Phones are switched off and in bags from the time students enter the school site until 3pm to ensure they are not used, seen or heard during the school day, or they will be confiscated.
  • If you need to contact your child during the school day, please contact reception: 0118 9353353 and they will able to get messages to your child.
  • Students can go to student reception if they need to contact you.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding with this matter, it is hugely important that we work together to ensure your child gets time away from their mobile phone in order to develop the resilience necessary in the ever-changing world that we live in.


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