Leadership Team

The school leadership team is made up of the Headteacher, Amanda Woodfin, with two deputies, assistant headteachers and a school business manager. Together the team are responsible for driving up standards and leading and supporting staff and students to achieve their very best from school life.

  Name   Role Contact
Amanda Woodfin Headteacher  awoodfin@bulmershe.wokingham.sch.uk
Robert McAlaney Deputy Headteacher rmcalaney@bulmershe.wokingham.sch.uk
David Ridsdale Deputy Headteacher dridsdale@bulmershe.wokingham.sch.uk
Richard Staton Assistant Headteacher rstaton@bulmershe.wokingham.sch.uk
Sarah Sharp Assistant Headteacher ssharp@bulmershe.wokingham.sch.uk 
Mo Grewal Assistant Headteacher mgrewal@bulmershe.wokingham.sch.uk
Sasha Ambrose Assistant Headteacher sambrose@bulmershe.wokingham.sch.uk
Kelly Lewis Assistant Headteacher  klewis@bulmershe.wokingham.sch.uk            
Jessica Bishop Acting Assistant Headteacher jbishop@bulmershe.wokingham.sch.uk
Leanne Harris Associate Assistant Headteacher lharris@bulmershe.wokingham.sch.uk
Chris Coniam School Business Manager cconiam@bulmershe.wokingham.sch.uk