Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth Form Statement

Our sixth form dress code has been created by students, in collaboration with the Senior Leadership Team.  

We ask our sixth form students to wear smart casual clothing that is appropriate for a school environment. We believe that students should be able to wear clothing they feel comfortable in whilst respecting the fact that sixth form students act as role models for younger year groups. Our sixth form is a diverse and creative community; we believe clothing is a way for students to express their individuality.  

Specific Guidance

1. Whilst we have no official uniform, we ask students to refrain from wearing: 

  • Crop tops/tube tops, or clothing that allows midriffs to be exposed  
  • Sliders 
  • Inappropriate length clothing  
  • Extreme distressed ripped jeans 
  • Clothing that has offensive language or images 

2. Lanyards must be worn around necks and be visible at all times.  

3. Examples of clothing that could be worn to school are plain jeans, trainers and a polo shirt or blouse.   

4. Every Friday students will adhere to a ‘formal Friday’ dress code whereby all sixth formers should come into school wearing formal wear.   

Inappropriate clothing  

Should a sixth form student attend school wearing inappropriate clothing, staff will inform the sixth form leadership team, who will seek to resolve the issue through discussion with the student(s) concerned. In some instances, students may be asked to go home and change into appropriate clothing before returning to lessons.