Being a Peer Mentor

Year 9 students will be invited to apply for a Peer Mentor position in the Spring Term of each year. 

There are only 40 places available, and if successful, the role will start in the Summer term. They will stay in this role to get to know those year 6 students transitioning to year 7 in September, and stay with them for the first two terms at Bulmershe. Peer mentors will be attached to a specific Year 7 Tutor group and your role will be to support students and help settle them into school life. 

Peer Mentor Role Timeline

Peer Mentor Timeline

What does it take to be a Peer Mentor?

You will need to be:

  • Reliable – you will need to attend all the required sessions.
  • Approachable - Have good communication skills and be confident talking to the new Year 7s and be able to give sound advice on what to do.
  • Confident to be able to solve problems that the Year 7s may come to you with but remember staff will also support you in your role.
  • An Ambassador - be an excellent role model – exemplary behaviour / uniform / kind to others / uphold the school values. 
  • Passionate about wanting to help others and making sure they feel settled.
  • Positive – demonstrate what makes us a fantastic school full of compassionate students.

Why become a Peer Mentor?

By becoming a Peer Mentor, you will cultivate a strong skill set that will make you stand out on university applications and also to potential employers. The experience will provide a solid foundation for your next steps, whatever they may be.

  • Enhance your empathy and communication skills - this is a unique opportunity to support anxious students and will help you refine your interpersonal skills.
  • Challenge yourself: you will gain a sense of achievement when you can support someone when they are in need. Your role will also showcase your capacity to guide, motivate and inspire - all of which are valuable skills in the workplace
  • Develop problem-solving skills - as a peer mentor you will encournter a diverse array of students and worries, which will challenge your critical thinking abilities and require to come up with flexible ways to solve problems.
  • Have first-hand experience of teamwork and collaboration by working alongside other peer mentors
  • Develop your confidence and leadership skills

Year 9 students will be invited to apply for a Peer Mentor position in the Spring Term of each year.