Information for Inspectors

Quick access to the statutory parts of our website

We hope you will look at the breadth of our website as it demonstrates the broad rich curriculum and extra-curricular activities we offer as well as the wide range of information we provide for parents.

However if you need quick access, the links below will lead you to them 

School contact details
Our school’s name, postal address, telephone number and the name of the member of staff who deals with queries from parents and other members of the public can be found here

Admission arrangements
Our published details of how parents can find out about our school’s admission arrangements through their local authority can be found here

School Uniform
Information about our school uniform and our supplier can be found here

Ofsted report
Our school’s most recent Ofsted report and link to the webpage where users can find it online can be found here

Exam and assessment results
You can find information on our school's performance and results tables here

School Opening Hours
Our school opening hours and the total this amounts to per week can be found here

Curriculum Overview
This is link for our school's curriculum intention overall. The content of each subject's curriculum, and their long term plans, can be found here:

Links to all of our policies can be found here

Pupil premium
Our pupil premium and catch up strategy

Local Governing Body
Statutory Information about our school Governors can be found here

Values and ethos
Our school statement of our school’s ethos and values can be found here

If you would like a copy of our School Improvement Plan, Self Evaluation or Development Plans, please contact