Details of our current governors and declarations of interest (as of May 2023)

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Miss Erif Newman

Miss Newman is the Chair of Governors for the current academic year. She has served as a co-opted governor since 14 July 2016 as the SEN governor and from July 2018 until September 2020, Vice-Chair and Chair of Teaching and Learning, before taking on the current Chair role in September 2020. Her term of office ends on 13 July 2024. As Chair of Governors, she is an ex-officio member of all committees. Erif is a Senior Manager for the local NHS Trust, having worked in a range of management roles since 2012. She holds a number of post-graduate qualifications in topics related to leadership and improvement as well as qualifications in varying coaching styles. 

Miss Newman has no interests to declare.

Mrs Amanda Woodfin


Mr Ben Clacy

Mr Clacy was appointed as a Co-opted Governor at the FGB meeting on 14 July 2016 and his term of office is until 13 July 2024.
He is the governor with responsibility for finance and is a member of the Resources and Pay committees.

Mr Clacy has no interests to declare.

Dr Peter Miskell

Dr Miskell was elected as a parent governor in October 2015 and co-opted on 12th May 2020. His term of office ends on 11th May 2024. He is a member of the Resources committee with responsibility for premises and health and safety.

Peter Miskell is a Professor and Head of Undergraduate Programmes at Henley Business School, University of Reading. Having worked at the University since 2001, he has extensive teaching experience, and has held a wide variety of leadership roles related to teaching and learning. He has served as a Governor at Bulmershe School since 2015, and was Chair of the Governing Body between 2016-2020 and lives locally.

Dr Miskell has no interests to declare.

Dr Kleio Akrivou

Dr Akrivou was elected as a parent governor on 21 October 2016. Her term of office will end on 20 October 2024. She is the chair of the teaching & learning committee.

She is Professor of Business Ethics and Moral Development at the Henley Business School in the University of Reading. She has earned a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree with  a cross-disciplinary focus on Moral Psychology/Human Development at Case Western Reserve University (USA). Previous to her PhD she completed bachelors and Masters of Science degrees with a focus on Administration and International Commerce in different EU universities.  Kleio’s research is centred on moral psychology and business ethics in line with humanistic and neo-Aristotelian ethical philosophies. Kleio has been serving in different academic editorial boards and she is reviewer for main scholarly journals. In the University she is teaching around Business Ethics, Corporate Responsibility and Methods courses. 

Previously to her academic career, Kleio had a decade long career as Senior consultant in the areas of psychological assessment of human motivation for personal and leader development using projective testing, and other psychometrics combined with educational frameworks. Kleio speaks four languages, she has a daughter at Bulmershe and lives locally in Reading. 

Dr Akrivou has no interests to declare.


Dr Jenny Murray

Dr Murray was elected as a co-opted governor on 05 November 2022. Her term of office will end on 04 November 2026.   
She is a member of the T&L committee and also the governor with responsibility for access and inclusion (SEND.)                                                           
Dr Murray has no interests to declare.   

Mr Peter Sharland

Mr Sharland was elected as a staff governor on 16th November 2019. His term of office will end on 15th November 2023. Peter Sharland has worked at the Bulmershe School for five years and is the Head of Physics. His main teaching responsibilities are with Key Stage four and five.  He is interested in Data and how it can be analysed and used to monitor and aid the progress of students. Peter helps to promote STEM throughout the School taking students to conferences on Climate Change and lectures in London and at Oxford University. He is a member of the T&L committee and also the governor with responsibility for academic achievement.                                                                                                                              

Mr Sharland has no interests to declare. 

Mrs Monique Maree

Mrs Maree was appointed as a Co-opted Governor on 24th October 2020. Her term of office will end on 25th October 2024. Monique Maree has one daughter who attends Bulmershe, and two more children who are still in Primary.  Monique has been a qualified social worker for over twenty years, having worked with children and families.  Monique has taken on the portfolio of Safeguarding Governor, a field that she has expertise in.  Monique over the years has experience of working in local charities and committees, and values the opportunity to make a contribution to the school community.  She is a member of the Teaching and Learning committee. 

Mrs Maree has no interests to declare.                                              

Catherine Johnson

Mrs Johnson was appointed as a parent governor in March 2022.

Catherine has 2 daughters, one in year 8 at Bulmershe and one still in Primary school. Catherine has worked for the NHS, in and around Berkshire, for over 25 years working with both Adults and Children’s service.  Catherine has been a GirlGuiding leader in the Woodley area for 15 years and volunteers for a local Children Charity in Wokingham.

Catherine has no interests to declare

Buki Ogunleye

Ms Ogunleye was appointed as a parent governor on 01 November 2022.

Buki has 2 children in Bulmershe, one in Year 12 and the other in Year 10.

Buki currently works as a Senior Cloud Solution Architect Manager at Microsoft, she has 24 years in the Tech industry and has worked for several tech companies prior to Microsoft.

Buki has a passion for promoting the under represented in tech and has been an advocate for women in tech, girls in STEM and recently taking the lead to drive D&I for her business unit.

Buki is also a mentor to many women starting up in Tech.

Buki has no interests to declare.


RY has recently joined the Governor’s team at Bulmershe as a parent governor and is a full-time serving Police Sergeant.

He has a background in history, comparative religion and law. He has been involved in Youth work for 20 years and has also set up projects for diverting youth away from the cycle of criminalisation as well as establishing a staff support network within the Police force.

RY has no interests to declare

Kiran Nandra

Kiran Nandra was appointed as a parent governor in February 2023. 

Kiran is a former Bulmershe student (Class of 1991). She has three children, one child in Year 7 at Bulmershe, one rising Year 7 (September 2023) and one in primary school. 

Kiran spent two terms (eight years) as a Parent Governor at Ambleside Pre-School in Woodley, serving on the Finance & Staffing and Curriculum and Inclusion Committees, as well as taking on roles of Vie Chair and Safeguarding Lead.

Kiran Nandra has no interests to declare

Kiran is a Producer at the BBC. She has worked in radio, television and digital media production for more than 20 years. As an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion at the BBC, Kiran is a reverse mentor for senior leaders and an Interview Champion promoting cross-departmental fair recruitment. She also serves on the Board of Trustees for the UK's Radio Academy. 

Former Governors

Mr Shahid Younis was nominated by Wokingham Borough Council as a local authority governor in April 2013. On the reconstitution of the governing body the governing body reappointed him as the local authority governor. His term of office ended on 18 September 2022.

Mr Rick Lay was elected as a parent governor on 9th November 2020, but resigned his post in September 2022. 

Mr Colin Maree was elected as the LA governor on 15 December 2022, but resigned his post on 6th July 2023



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