Our Values and Ethos

We have the highest expectations of all our students in all aspects of school life and we work hard to develop these values in every student. Our core values clearly show how we expect all our students to conduct themselves throughout their time at The Bulmershe School. It is these values that will support our students in becoming equipped for life and ready and prepared for the journey ahead, once they leave The Bulmershe School. 

Our Values are:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Safety

These values are embedded throughout school life. We also actively promote these values consistently throughout the school year; in assemblies, lessons, tutor time and other extra-curricular activities in order to support our students in being skilled in all four values. It is these core values that will stand Bulmershe School students out from others, and ensure that they make outstanding progress throughout their time here.

Values Logos horizontal

Bulmershe Core Values Statements


  • I will follow instructions first time, every time

  • I will put my rubbish in the bins provided

  • I will not eat in the corridors; I will use the canteen or outside space

  • I will be mindful of continuing teaching and learning during my break and lunch

  • I will be understanding and respectful of all students and staff


  • I will ensure I have all the equipment I need every day

  • I will arrive to school on time and be punctual to my lessons

  • I will listen to my teachers to help me learn

  • I will take responsibility for my choices and actions


  • If I find something difficult I will not give up

  • I will join a co-curricular club

  • I will try my hardest at all times 

  • I will ask for help if needed (teacher, year team, safeguarding)


  • I will report abuse if I see or hear it in school (Tell Us Something)

  • I will keep my phone away when in school unless given permission by my teacher or a member of staff

  • I will be kind and polite at all times

  • I will wear my uniform with pride

  • I will not make physical contact with a student or member of staff