The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award [DofE] at The Bulmershe School is a thriving as aspect of our curriculum Leadership and Challenge block taught in year 9. There is an opportunity for students to complete Silver Award in 6th form in extra-curricular time.

Through DofE, Students will develop their independence, confidence and organisational skills. A DofE Award not only enhances CVs and University applications, but also provides participants with plenty of opportunities to build on teamwork, survival and life skills. 

DofE Awards

Doe awards

Outline of the Scheme

There are 4 sections for both the Bronze and Silver Awards.




Students undertake service to individuals or the community


Students aim to improve in an area of sport, dance or fitness


Students develop practical and social skills and personal interests


Students plan and train for the completion of an adventurous journey and camping in the UK

For more information about the award and how you can support your child in completion please visit the DofE website.

DofE Kit list

Students are expected to provide personal items for their expeditions. Group kit is provided by the school. 

Kit: The kit list contains essential items, and it's crucial that it's up to the task. Rucksacks should be of a suitable size, and walking boots should be worn correctly to support the feet and ankles, ensuring safety and enjoyment. Excess gear can slow the team down and detract from the experience. The DofE guide provides detailed insights into key aspects of the kit: DofE Kit Guide.

Kit Packing: Ensure all bags are comfortable to carry and protected from getting wet, damaged, or lost. All items (except large foam roll mats if they really don't fit) should be packed inside the bag. It's also important for students to pack their own kit as they're responsible for its use and repacking. For more information, see the DofE article: Everything You Need to Know About Packing Your Expedition Rucksack.

Food: Students need to bring food for two lunches, an evening meal (two courses), and breakfast. Meals should be balanced, containing major food groups and providing the energy needed for exercise. Students also need to consider weight, pack size, and ease of cooking. Avoiding fried food can save hours of scrubbing grease off pans.


EDoE log in

Students can record their progress by using EDofE.


Bronze (Year 9) DofE

Practice expedition: Thurs 9th and Fri 10th May 2024

Qualifying expedition: Thurs 23rd and Fri 24th May 2024

Silver (Y10 and y12) DofE

Practice expedition: Fri 3rd - Sun 5th May 2024

Qualifying expedition: Thurs 4th and Fri 5th July 2024


How long does the DofE Programme take to complete?

Timescales dofe

DofE Responsibility

Responsibility is a school value, so we encourage our DofE students to take responsibility for their own award (with your support). They can do this by speaking to their DofE teacher or DofE Manager directly about any concerns or queries. There is also a google classroom set up for all of the DofE groups which should answer most of their questions. Parents should be able to see all the resources posted so that you can best support your child.

More ideas about how you can support your child here. https://www.dofe.org/do/parents/

To get an assessor's report uploaded once you have completed a section: send your assessor the link  - https://www.dofe.org/assessor/along with your ID number, section and level


DofE Manager for the Bulmershe school

Dr Harris


Assistant DofE manager

Miss Pooler



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