Mental Health


Being a teenager is not easy, and we understand that. You have to navigate education, friendships, identity and many other things while becoming a young adult. This means that looking after your mental, as well as your physical health, is very important.

We are here to support you through your growing up journey. Your teachers, form tutors and Heads of Year are always happy to listen and discuss issues related to mental health that you may experience, be it friendship issues, anxiety or lack of confidence. We also have a dedicated team, trained in dealing with mental health issues, that is here to support you. If you feel it easier to share your feelings and difficulties with us online, then please click on ‘Tell us something’ and complete the online form – we understand that sometimes it is easier to write things down.

Please feel free to look at the document at the bottom of this page entitled ‘Mental health and wellbeing support'. You can use this document to help you find information about common mental health issues and some suggestions on how to deal with them.

We cannot promise to solve all problems, but we are always ready to listen, talk and help as much as we possibly can.


Please see the ‘help and advice for parents/carers’ page on the website for further support, as well as looking at the document at the bottom of this page entitled ‘Mental health and wellbeing support’. Also, please feel free to contact the school directly to discuss any concerns regarding your child’s mental health. This can be done via your child’s Head of Year, Behaviour Lead or the safeguarding team.



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