Year 5 Science Club 2022

Over the past six week,  twenty-one year five students have been refining their skills as scientists. Whether it be heart dissections or investigating acids, every practical left the students excited for the next week’s adventure.   

Mr Morden, with the help of Beaker and Dr Honeydew, let the students look at the basic components of all living beings, test how light behaves and even set a few rainbow inspired fires! 

At the end of a whirlwind six weeks, the students are excited and eager for the next round of science club and eventually joining the Bulmershe family. With a visit by Mr Morden and Mrs Brown to deliver certificates and prizes to the next generation of heart surgeons and Einsteins, a well-deserved Christmas was finally here. More sessions are planned and The Bulmershe Science department cannot wait to welcome the next group of little scientists to science club.   


"I wanted to pass on my thanks to Mr Morden for running the Science club this term. Every week Karina has come home excited to tell me about what she has been doing and learning. I hope you will be running the club in future years"