Year 5 Wacky Ways With Words 2023

This term, we were delighted to once again welcome Year 5 pupils to Miss Chowdhury’s wonderfully weird ‘Wacky Ways with Words’ creative writing workshop!

Our wonderful participants from Hawkedon Primary School and Loddon Primary School loved the event, which included lots of kinaesthetic activities using mystery bags full of sensory items to inspire our own neologisms (made up vocabulary) in the style of Roald Dahl. Students used tinsel, gooey slime, and even soft pompoms for inspiration to describe and share hilarious and imaginative descriptions of a ‘wacky’ sweet shop! ‘Caramel frobscottle’ and ‘delicious marshapples’ were just some of our favourite wacky words!

The Year 5 students were absolutely amazing and worked brilliantly, confidently sharing their wacky descriptions. Well done to all the participants who have received a certificate for their exemplary participation in Wacky Ways for Words. Look out for this session again next year!