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Year 5 Fish Bowl Days 2023

Recently we had the privilege of hosting three Year 5 Fishbowl Days, which contained a range of fun workshops to allow pupils from local primary schools to experience a day in the life as a Bulmershe student.

All of the Year 5 students were incredibly well-behaved, friendly and enthusiastic and seemed to enjoy every moment at our wonderful school!

Some of our favourite sessions included very loud drumming, delicate stitching, scary chemistry experiments, wacky poetry, theatrical drama… and the list goes on!

A huge thank you to the Year 9 Peer Mentors and Year 9 students who supported this event as outstanding role models: they were tasked with organising refreshments, guiding pupils across our very large campus, assisting teachers in each workshop and making sure that the day ran smoothly.

We are incredibly proud of our students’ achievement on this day, and thank you to the local primary schools for spending time with us.

We hope to see you again soon!