Year 5 Science Club Experience 2023

It's fantastic to share news from the Year 5 Science Club at Bulmershe and the incredible experiences the students had over the past four weeks. It sounds like Mrs Mehdi, along with Mr Burrows and Ms Brown did a fantastic job guiding the young scientists through a variety of engaging and hands-on activities.

Heart dissections and investigations into chemicals, along with experiments with light microscopes, demonstrate a rich and diverse curriculum that has surely sparked curiosity and enthusiasm for science among the students.

It's commendable that Mrs Mehdi and Mr Burrows took the time to recognize and reward the students' efforts with certificates. Such encouragement goes a long way in fostering a love for learning and an appreciation for science.

The anticipation for future science club sessions and the prospect of joining the Bulmershe family speaks to the success of the program. The dedication of the Bulmershe Science department in nurturing the next generation of scientists is evident, and it's wonderful to hear that more sessions are planned to continue this exciting journey.

Congratulations to the Year 5 Science Club participants, and kudos to the educators and staff involved for creating such a positive and enriching learning environment. Here's to the future heart surgeons and Einsteins in the making!