Woodley Cluster ‘Skeletons in the School’ History and Archaeology Event

Bulmershe School welcomed local primary schools to a captivating Woodley Cluster event titled 'Skeletons in the School,' an experience designed to ignite historical curiosity among budding young historians. The event centred on an imaginary school site where ancient skeletons were unearthed, prompting an exploration that combined learning and fun.

Eager participants from Beechwood, Highwood, Willow Bank Junior and South Lake primary schools engaged in a series of activities curated to sharpen their historical investigation skills. Guided by teachers from Bulmershe and experts from the Ure Museum of Archaeology, the children delved into the world of archaeology, employing techniques used by real archaeologists and historians. They analysed artefacts discovered alongside the skeletons, deciphering their significance in understanding their lives. The event fostered teamwork and critical thinking as the students collaborated to solve the historical puzzle.

Through hands-on exercises and interactive sessions, the young investigators pieced together clues, constructing narratives and theories about the skeletons' identities and the time period they belonged to. After working through the clues to discover that the skeletons were from the Roman period, the teams then worked together to utilise their research skills to find out more. Their final task for the day was to produce a display, taking inspiration from our expert museum curator, Jayne Holly from the Ure Museum, to share the information they had learnt. The day culminated in parents viewing their hard work and a prize giving ceremony with prizes presented by Mr Hickey, Head of Highwood Primary.

We would also like to say a BIG THANK YOU to our amazing Year 9 transition leaders Chloe, Darcy, Rory, Liam, Alice and Eloise for supporting this wonderful event.