Year 9

May I extend a very warm welcome to parents, carers and students of Year 9.

We continue to work together as a strong team as the students embark on the beginning of their GCSE courses and begin Key Stage 4. This transition can be daunting but the tutors and Year 9 team will continue to support them as we have done for the past two years. It is essential that all students focus on their academic studies and Year 9 is the foundation for their GCSE's in just over two years. We look forward to seeing how the students continue to progress and thrive in their chosen subjects.

Assistant Headteacher Year 9

Mr R Staton

Head of Year 9

Mr D Chandler

Assistant Head of Year 9

Mr M Hood

Tutor Team

9G1 Mrs A Zalaki / Ms V Shering

9T4 Mrs K Trenwith / M Nilsson

9B6 Miss E O'Reilly

9M6 Miss G Pooler

9D2 Mr M Hood

9Mu1 Mr A Mungall / Mrs K Hunter

9C2 Miss E Cronin

9M8 Mrs N Habib

9S3 Mrs J Grier

Pastoral Team

If you have any concerns regarding your child's education or welfare please do not hesitate to contact in the first instance the tutor and copy in the Head of Year.

Inclusion Team member for Year 9:

Mrs N Wright                                                                     

Pupil Premium students in Year 9

There may be financial assistance available for Pupil Premium pupils for school trips and other activities but individual enquiries to the school should be made regarding this assistance.

Please contact the school office on 0118 9353353 or alternatively, who will pass on your enquiry to Mr Staton, Assistant Headteacher who manages Pupil Premium funding.