Food + Science = A delicious covalent combination

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14 Dec 2021

Science and food are not always known for going hand in hand.  In fact if you ask Miss Bishop or Mrs Grier, they will tell you: NO FOOD IN THE SCIENCE LAB! However, on this occasion, it was allowed in the name of science and education.

Over the last six weeks, twenty-five budding scientists from primary schools around the local area attended the Bulmershe labs to undertake a number of experiments on many foods as well as testing properties on numerous familiar materials.

For all those budding Joe Wicks out there, we undertook tests on foods to measure protein, sugar, starch and fat. We owe a few parents an apology for red cabbages that went missing when we showed our young Einsteins an alternative use for this familiar vegetable - using it as an indicator to investigate acid and alkalis around their homes!

It did not stop at food; we analysed a variety of cells under the microscope in addition to investigating the properties of light and flame tests with different metal salts.

Following this six week science extravaganza we left wide eyed pupils with a new found passion for the sciences. We have many more of these sessions planned and cannot wait to welcome pupils from all around the area.