Exploring the Wild: Year 3 Bushcraft event ignites a flame of learning

In the crisp November air, the Year 3 students embarked on a thrilling adventure in the heart of nature during a recent Bushcraft experience event. The focus of the day? Fire—both the art of lighting it and the crucial safety measures that accompany it.

Under the canopy of autumn leaves, the young learners eagerly absorbed the wisdom shared by seasoned guides. From understanding the intricacies of fire lighting to imbibing essential fire safety lessons, the students were immersed in a hands-on experience that transcended the confines of the classroom.

Adding a delightful twist to the day, the crackling flames played host to marshmallow toasting—an activity that left the children with smiles as warm as the embers. The joyous laughter and the scent of toasted marshmallows intermingled with the lessons, creating a memorable fusion of education and fun.

Guiding the Year 3 students through this fiery exploration were our Year 9 transition helpers, embodying leadership and camaraderie. The older students not only shared their knowledge but also instilled a sense of collaboration and responsibility among their younger counterparts.